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Resveratrol with Red Wine Extract

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Planetary Herbals™ is pleased to introduce Resveratrol with Red Wine Extract - a powerful formula that supports cardiovascular and capillary health, improved blood flow, cholesterol wellness, and immune response.
Resveratrol, a compound that is abundant in red wine, has been making headlines recently, as a result of new research at Harvard Medical School. This research may help explain the long-established association between moderate red wine consumption and cardiovascular health and longevity.

Powerful Plant Protection

Planetary Herbals Resveratrol with Red Wine Extract features resveratrol from the Asian botanical hu zhang root (Polygonum cuspidatum, also known as Japanese knotweed). Resveratrol is a compound produced by plants in response to environmental stress, and hu zhang is one of resveratrol's most concentrated sources. Resveratrol with Red Wine Extract also contains red wine extract, added grape skin and grape seed extracts, green tea leaf extract, and quercetin, for a broad range of botanical protection.

Resveratrol Research

Worldwide research has shown that the components of red wine, especially anthocyanidins and polyphenols including resveratrol, support the cardiovascular system by promoting healthy blood flow and strengthening capillaries. Resveratrol is also a potent antioxidant.

Now new research is pointing to even more benefits of resveratrol. A recent report in the journal Nature by Harvard professor, Dr. David Sinclair, showed that resveratrol improves the health and survival of obese mice. Three years ago, Dr. Sinclair demonstrated that resveratrol significantly extends the lifespan of yeast cells.

Premium Herbal Line

Resveratrol with Red Wine Extract is the newest member of the Planetary Herbals line of herbs and botanical formulas. These products integrate the best of worldwide herbal traditions with modern clinical and pharmacological research.

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