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Triphala Gold™

Sustainably Wildcrafted - Organically Cultivated Fruits

Planetary Herbals, the company that introduced Triphala to the American health food market, now brings you Triphala Gold™, a premier product that sets a gold standard of excellence for the herbal supplement industry.

Triphala Gold is made with amla, behada, and harada fruits sustainably wildcrafted on certified organic land in the foothills of Sri Lanka or Northeastern Madhya Pradesh. The fruits are picked, processed and stored using procedures that insure superior quality and purity. According to Planetary Herbals expert Roy Upton, “These are the highest quality Triphala fruits I have seen in 20 years of looking at herbs.”

In addition, the indigenous community that harvests our three fruits is paid higher than market price, which supports the ability of community members to remain in their ancestral homelands. Local pickers are trained in methods that promote forest preservation and longterm ecological sustainability. That's why the company that supplies our Triphala Gold fruits has received the industry's prestigious Most Socially Responsible Business Award.

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