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Planetary Herbals For a Healthy Heart

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Planetary Herbals™ For a Healthy Heart

February is National Heart Month - the perfect time to educate your customers about cardiovascular health. Planetary Herbals offers unique botanical preparations to support a healthy heart naturally.

Hawthorn Heart™: Comprehensive Cardiovascular Support

Hawthorn is the primary herb used by herbalists to support a healthy heart. It is rich in flavonoids and procyanidins that support cardiovascular health. Planetary Herbals offers you hawthorn in liquid and tablets, and in Hawthorn Heart. This formula combines hawthorn berries with a leaf and flower extract, standardized to the flavonoid compound, vitexin, and with key traditional Chinese botanicals.

CholestGar™: Supports Cholesterol Wellness

CholestGar combines garlic, renowned for its ability to support cholesterol levels in the normal range, and the classic Ayurvedic compound guggul, equally renowned for cholesterol support. CholestGar features garlic standardized to 8,000 parts per million of allicin. The formula also includes a blend of Chinese herbs traditionally used to support a healthy heart.

Guggul Cholesterol Compound™: Ayurvedic Cholesterol Support

Planetary Herbals Guggul Cholesterol Compound utilizes a guggul extract that delivers 75 mg of guggulsterones daily, blended in the traditional manner with Triphala and select spices.

Full Spectrum™ Salvia with MSV 60®: Promotes Circulation

Salvia is one of the primary herbs used throughout Asia for cardiovascular support. MSV 60® (magnesium salvianolate B) has been identified as one of salvia's primary active compounds.

Arjuna Cardio Comfort™: Cardiovascular and Circulatory Health

The bark of the arjuna tree has been used in traditional Ayurvedic herbalism to support cardiovascular health for over three centuries. Arjuna may help maintain healthy lipid levels, and has demonstrated antioxidant properties, in preclinical studies, Planetary Herbals offers you an Arjuna stand-alone, as well as the Arjuna CardioComfort™ formula, which combines standardized arjuna extract with additional key botanicals to support a healthy heart.

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