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Planetary Perspectives: To sleep; perchance to dream…

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Planetary Perspectives

To sleep; perchance to dream…

Shakespeare certainly knew how humans yearn for the comfort and rejuvenation of a good night's rest; we all intuit the healing power of sleep. For millennia, people have used herbs to help calm frayed nerves and for help relaxing into a deep, restful sleep. Planetary Herbals has a range of herbal products that are potent, efficacious tools that will help you rest easily.

Valerian Easy Sleep™

This formula contains a powerful combination of botanicals that calm, tonify the nervous system, and relax the muscles. Valerian, chamomile, and hops have been used in the west for hundreds of years and are legendary for helping to decrease the time it takes to get to sleep and keep you there. Zizyphus is equally legendary in China, where it is primarily used as a nourishing tonifier for the heart and nervous system, promoting mental calmness and tranquility.

Another renowned western herb, skullcap, is known for quieting the nerves as a gentle nourishing tonifier. These ingredients are combined with American ginseng that reduces stress and supports the adrenal glands. Calcium and magnesium support the nervous system and promote muscular relaxation. This powerful formulation has been based in part on an ancient Chinese herbal formula called Jade Pillow, a formulation handed down through the legendary Shaolin Monastery in Northern China.

Stress Free™

The name says it all! Stress Free is ideal for those of us who are stressed out and losing sleep because of our modern lifesyles.

If your mind can't shut off after a long day at work and you're overworked and over-busy, these botanicals calm and strengthen. This formula includes valerian, shown by modern studies to decrease the time it takes to get to sleep, zizyphus seeds, a well known strengthener, and skullcap, black cohosh, chamomile, and hops for calming. These are combined with key tonifiers including American ginseng root and hawthorn berry. Siberian eleuthero root is added to give long-lasting anti-stress support to the adrenals. Together the botanicals in Stress Free represent a dynamic approach to fortifying the system against the ravages of stress on a daily basis as well as promoting a restful night's sleep.

Calm Child™

We often don't realize that modern children are also dealing with stress and are equally in need as adults for support to promote calmness and focused attention. As our modern high-tech world bombards children with stimulation, these soothing botanicals will help the child relax. The brain's hippocampus governs our ability to learn, controls memory, and influences emotions. Calm Child contains botanicals traditionally used to support each of these important aspects of a calm and centered mind. It is a blend of herbal calmatives including chamomile, lemon balm, and catnip, with botanicals traditionally renowned for their ability to strengthen and tonify the nervous system. These, together with calcium and magnesium can promote a calm, focused attention in our youth while supporting a healthy, growing body. All of the formulas above were developed by practicing herbal clinicians whose decades of experience combines knowledge of western and eastern herbal traditions and modern pharmacological research.

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