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Back to School with Calm Child™

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Back to School with Calm Child™

For Calm, Focused Attention

Retailers: help your customers give their kids a good start in school or day care with Planetary Herbals Calm Child. This unique botanical formula offers gentle support for focused thoughts and attention.

Calm Alertness

Over-stimulation can affect children's behavior and concentration. Calm Child is a special herbal blend, designed to soothe the minds and bodies of children, particularly in their moments of restlessness, anxiety or stress. This unique formula is designed to provide calm alertness for school and home, and to foster appropriate behavior.
• Features lemon balm and chamomile, which are legendary for gently easing the effects of over-stimulation.
• Also contains Chinese zizyphus, gotu kola, amla, and hawthorn berry to deeply tonify a child's system and lessen sensitivity to stress.
• Additional herbs and nutrients, traditionally used by cultures around the world, support alertness and focus in children.

Top-Seller for Kids

Calm Child is Planetary Herbals' best-selling kids' herbal. Like Planetary's other kids' products, Calm Child is gentle, yet effective. Calm Child was developed by renowned herbalist and clinician Michael Tierra, an expert on the world's herbal traditions, and is used daily in his clinical practice. The result: a herbal product you can trust! In addition, Planetary Herbals offers Calm Child in a delicious, alcohol-free liquid.

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