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PhytoDynamics part 1

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Planetary Herbalism for the 21st Century

    "The essence of all beings is Earth. The essence of the Earth is Water. The essence of Water is Plants. The essence of Plants is the Human Being..." - Ancient Ayurvedic saying.

Herbs - The Natural Healers

We all share a desire to live long, healthy, and vital lives. Dramatic increases in the use of herbal products worldwide attest to the appeal of plant-based health systems to help us accomplish this goal. Yet there is also widespread confusion about the efficacy of herbs, and questions about which botanical products will deliver the expected results.

Planetary Herbals optimizes the potential benefits that herbs provide by integrating the principles of PhytoDynamics into every product. The term PhytoDynamics combines the Latin word root “phyto,” meaning plant, with the word “dynamics,” derived from dynamis, which is Greek for power or force. This PhytoDynamics concept refers to the co-evolution of humans with plants over hundreds-of-thousands of years, and the resulting ability of plants to positively influence human physiology towards a state of balanced, vibrant health.

In their evolutionary process, plants have developed a treasure trove of compounds that ensure their ability to survive and thrive. Plants do not possess the ability that animals and humans have to seek shelter and avoid predators. Instead, plants protect themselves from harsh environments by developing a broad array of antioxidant nutritive, protective, and anti-stress compounds called phytochemicals. These numerous phytochemicals develop naturally in the plant, specifically to ensure the plant's health, well-being, and survival. Because humans and plants have co-evolved for eons, these same compounds, when properly used, are PhytoDynamically suited to support human health, well-being, and survival as well. The knowledge of the symbiotic relationship between plants and humans and its application to the human use of plants, has similarly co-evolved over many millennia. This knowledge is reflected in the herbal traditions of Ayurveda (India), China, Europe, and North America (Native American) and continues to evolve with modern clinical use and scientific investigation.

What makes PhytoDynamics new and relevant for the 21st century? The modern revolution in global technology and communication has made it possible to learn, share, and embrace all the world's herbal traditions - to gain an understanding of their commonalities and differences, their inclusions and omissions. This global communication has allowed for the best of the world's herbal health systems to be integrated into one comprehensive, highly effective, Planetary Herbal healing system, which fully utilizes PhytoDynamic principles. PhytoDynamics guides the development and creation of every Planetary Herbals product.

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