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Planetary Herbals™ for a Healthy School Year!

Calm Child™ • Well Child™ • Kids' Immune Protect™

Consumers will appreciate Planetary Herbals' unique, clinically developed herbal formulas, especially designed for getting kids ready for the new school year.

Calm Child™ is a special herbal blend, designed to soothe the minds and bodies of children, particularly in their moments of restlessness, everyday anxiety or stress. Calm Child combines lemon balm and chamomile, which are legendary for gently easing the effects of over-stimulation. Additional herbs and nutrients, traditionally used by cultures around the world, support alertness and focus in children. Calm Child is available as a tablet and a great-tasting, alcohol-free liquid. And Calm Child tablets are available in attractive counter and floor displays!

Kids' Immune Protect™ helps boost resistance in winter and is especially helpful for back-to-school and day-care challenges. Great tasting and alcohol-free, Kids' Immune Protect is based on a classic Chinese formula, Jade Screen Powder (Yi Ping Feng San) that combines astragalus with the tonics, atractylodes and siler. Astragalus has been shown in research to enhance immune resistance, and has especially been found to be beneficial for children.

Well Child™ is a delicious, alcohol-free herbal syrup, which is used when added immune activity is needed. Well Child combines immune-boosting echinacea with elderberry and other key botanicals for mobilizing immune defenses.

Tradition and Science

Planetary Herbals integrates the best of worldwide herbal traditions with modern clinical and pharmacological research. The result: a herbal product line that is unequaled for efficacy, safety and dependability.