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A Healthy Winter For Your Children!

Kids' Immune Protect™ and Well Child™

Your customers will appreciate Planetary Herbals' unique, clinically developed herbal formulas, specifically designed to keep kids healthy as cold winter weather begins.

Kids' Immune Protect

Kids' Immune Protect liquid helps boost resistance at the start of winter and is especially helpful for back-to-school and day care challenges.
• Formulated to support a vitally strong immune defense for children.
• Based on a classic Chinese formula featuring astragalus, combined with the Chinese tonics, atractylodes and siler.
• Astragalus has been shown in research to support the immune system and enhance T-cell and macrophage activity.

Well Child

Well Child is best used when added immune activity is needed.
• Combines echinacea with elderberry and other key botanicals.
• Echinacea supports internal defenses. Elderberries are rich in bioflavonoids and anthocyanins, providing antioxidant protection.
• Absolutely delicious and alcohol-free!

Combining Traditional Herbalism & Scientific Research

Botanicals have been used for centuries to support immune defenses, providing the body with the resistance needed to face the challenges of winter. Planetary Herbals has gone around the world to find winter herbs that are known to be gentle and effective for children's health.

Kids' Immune Protect and Well Child are part of the Planetary Herbals line of products that draw on the wisdom of traditional cultures and the new knowledge gleaned from scientific research.