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Minor indigestion is one of the most common complaints among Americans. Besides the occasional discomfort it causes, occasional indigestion can result in poor absorption of nutrients, inefficient breakdown of proteins and fats, and bowel irregularity. Natural health care providers have long recognized that good digestion is a fundamental basis for good health. Different herbal formulas work in different ways to support the various aspects of digestive health. The following Planetary Herbals products support digestion in various ways.
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   Health Category - Digestion: 7 products available
Candida Digest™
Warming digestive stimulants address occasional, minor bloating.

Promotes a healthy stomach lining and healthy intestinal flora.

Digestive Comfort™
Famous formula for relief of occasional gas, indigestion, and bloating.

Digestive Grape Bitters™
Enhances fat digestion and liver detoxification.

Ginger Extract, Full Spectrum™
Relieves occasional mild indigestion.

Hinga Shtak by Planetary Ayurvedics
Ayurvedic classic for relieving occasional gas, indigestion & bloating.

Reflux Rescue™
Relief from occasional acid indigestion & heartburn; long-term support.

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