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Energy And Endurance

Planetary Herbals has carefully chosen those botanicals from around the world known for enhancing energy and supporting athletic performance through balancing systems not stimulation. Some fulfill immediate energy needs like Chinese ginseng, while others are specifically designed to promote endurance and help in recovery from exertion. Specific herbs are renowned tonifiers like Ashwagandha for rejuvenation and Codonopsis for energy and endurance.
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   Health Category - Energy And Endurance: 17 products available
Antler Velvet, Full Spectrum™
Revitalizing Chinese tonifier for healthy bones, joints and tissues.

Ashwagandha Liquid Herbal Extract
Adaptogen and tonifier that supports relaxation and stress resistance.

Ashwagandha, Full Spectrum™
Powerful botanical for rejuvenation, relaxation and stress resistance.

Highly regarded Chinese herbal for energy, endurance, immune resistance.

Ginseng Classic™
One of China's oldest and most powerful energizing formulas

Ginseng Elixir™
Traditional ginseng energizer & nutritional formula of Chinese herbalism

Ginseng Extract, Full Spectrum™
Revered energizer of Chinese herbalism-whole root & standardized extract

Ginseng Revitalizer™
Traditional Chinese formula with key adaptogens and tonics for energy.

Maca Supreme
Organically cultivated maca root supports energy, libido.

Cordyceps 450™, Full Spectrum™
Endurance promoting adaptogen and tonifier standardized for adenosine.

Cordyceps Power
Supports energy and endurance with cordyceps and other key tonifiers.

Maca Extract, Full Spectrum™
Standardized and whole root maca extract for endurance enhancement.

Rehmannia Endurance™
Classic Chinese tonifier for the overworked and under rested.

Rehmannia Vitalizer™
Rehmannia infused energetic tonifier for warmth and vitality.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Full Spectrum™
Legendary Siberian herbal with concentrated rosavin-salidroside extract.

Schisandra Adrenal Recharge™
Highly revered Chinese tonic for adrenal recovery.

Similar to ginseng and used by indigenous people for centuries.

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