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Sinus And Lungs

Planetary Herbals has developed botanical formulations to support a healthy respiratory system. These formulas are very helpful during the cold and allergy seasons. Some are developed for sinus relief like stinging nettle. Others are classified as lung tonifiers while others are for the support of healthy breathing and the healthy flow of mucus.
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Full Spectrum Stinging Nettle
Traditional tonifier carefully freeze dried for seasonal sinus support.

Lomatium Glycerite, Full Spectrum™
Alcohol free lung and respiratory support.

Lomatium, Full Spectrum™
Lomatium is an indigenous herb used for immune and respiratory support.

Mullein Lung Complex™
Clinically-derived formula for healthy lung respiration.

Clinically-derived formula to support clear sinuses.

Three Spices Sinus Complex™
Ayurvedic classic for reducing mucus development in the digestive tract.

Trikatu Sinus Complex™ by Planetary Ayurvedics
Legendary compound to counter mucus production for sinus support.

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