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Sleep And Relaxation

Today’s stressful lifestyle can impact our emotional well-being and sleep cycles. Planetary Herbals utilizes some of the most effective, scientifically validated botanicals used worldwide to support restful sleep. These include chamomile, which is legendary for promoting relaxation and mental well-being, and valerian, the primary botanical used since the 9th century to support a peaceful night’s sleep.
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Chamomile Sleep™
Chamomile-hops combination with Chinese calmatives for a sound sleep.

Holy Basil by Planetary™ Ayurvedics
Ayurvedic herb addresses occasional stress and supports mood balance.

Lemon Balm Full Spectrum™
Promotes a calm mind and relieves occasional anxiety.

Valerian Easy Sleep™
Unites valerian with the calmatives hops and chamomile for a sound sleep

Valerian Extract, Full Spectrum™

Valerian Root Liquid Extract
Used since the 9th century to support a peaceful night's sleep.

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