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Cardiovascular Health

Planetary Herbals offers an array of botanicals from around the world to address key aspects of heart and cardiovascular health. Included are products such as arjuna to support cardiac muscle function and pumping activity; hawthorn for healthy heart beat; salvia and resveratrol for normal circulation; garlic and guggul to address cholesterol balance; and horse chestnut for healthy veins.
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   Health Category - Cardiovascular Health: 13 products available
Salvia, Full Spectrum™
Primary botanical for supporting healthy blood circulation.

CholestGar™ Garlic-Guggul Compound
Helps maintain healthy cholesterol already within the normal range.

Enteric-coated, high potency allicin-yielding garlic.

Guggul Cholesterol Compound™
Dynamic guggul-Triphala combination for cholesterol wellness.

Guggul Cholesterol Compound™ by Planetary™ Ayurvedics
Ayurvedic classic for healthy cholesterol levels.

Arjuna CardioComfort™
Comprehensive support for occasional tension and cardiovascular health.

Arjuna, Full Spectrum™
Botanical support for a healthy heart and relief of occasional tension.

Arjuna, Full Spectrum™, by Planetary Ayurvedics

Hawthorn Extract, Full Spectrum™

Hawthorn Heart™
Comprehensive hawthorn-salvia formula for cardiovascular health.

Horse Chestnut Cream
Topical astringent tonic for supporting vein health and vein appearance.

Horse Chestnut Vein Strength™
Dynamic horse chestnut combination for vein strength and circulation.

Horse Chestnut, Full Spectrum™
Primary botanical for strong capillaries, veins, and cell strength.

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