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Stress And Mood

Botanicals have a long history of use for reducing nervousness, fortifying the body against occasional stress, and promoting mental well-being. These herbs may act as calmatives, nervines, or tonifiers. Each of the following herbal preparations is based on clinical experience and modern research.
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Ashwagandha, Full Spectrum™ by Planetary Ayurvedics

Bupleurum Calmative Compound™
Legendary Chinese formula for supporting calm and emotional well-being.

Holy Basil Extract
Ayurvedic herb addresses occasional stress and supports mood balance.

Jiaogulan, Full Spectrum™
Traditional Chinese strengthening tonic to support increased endurance.

Positive Teens & Kids™
St. John's wort formula designed for children's emotional support.

St. John's Wort Emotional Balance™

St. John's Wort Extract, Full Spectrum™
Powerful whole herb botanical support for mental health and well being.

St. John’s Wort Extract
Most widely researched botanical for supporting mental health.

Stress Free™
Addresses occasional stress with calmatives, nervines and tonifiers.

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