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Weight And Metabolism

Herbal products can be potent adjuncts to a healthy weight management program. While these products do not directly impact weight loss, supporting healthy digestion, metabolism, and elimination are key ways herbs can support a weight management program that incorporates a healthy diet and regular exercise. The following products can be used to complement a healthy weight management program.
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   Health Category - Weight And Metabolism: 6 products available
EarthSweet™ Stevia with FOS
Concentrated, no calorie, Stevia extract with FOS prebiotics.

Forskohlii, Full Spectrum™
Supports sugar metabolism, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive health

Forskohlii, Full Spectrum™ by Planetary Ayurvedics

Stevia Liquid Concentrate
No calorie natural syrup.

Stevia Powder
No calorie, natural, raw Stevia powder - dietary supplement.

Triphala-Garcinia Program™
Herbal blend assists healthy weight management.

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