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Children's Health

Children today live in a challenging world. Planetary Herbals has carefully designed gentle, effective formulas to meet the needs of today’s children. Cultures around the world have traditionally used botanicals as an integral part of the nurturing process. Some botanicals used for children are tonics, others are calmatives, and still others are digestive or sleep aids.
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Calm Child™
Delicious, calming blend of soothing botanicals & nourishing tonifiers.

Dr Tierra’s Wild Cherry Bark Syrup For Kids™

Kids' Immune Protect™
Delicious liquid boosts resistance for back-to-school & start of winter.

Loquat Respiratory Syrup for Kids
Supports children's respiratory health.

Well Child™
Delicious, alcohol-free syrup; use when added immune activity is needed.

Well Child™ Immune Chewable
Mobilizes immune defenses with kid-friendly, fruit flavored wafers.

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