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The wisdom traditions of China, India, Europe and Native Americans have been explored to find botanicals that support all phases of a woman’s life. Formulations using the highest quality herbs in the world are gentle, natural, and effective. The botanical kingdom, however, is rich with herbal treasures to support healthy reproduction, healthy monthly cycles, and healthy transitions through menopause.
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   Health Category - Women: 14 products available
Avena Sativa Oat Complex™ for Women
A dynamic Wild Oats combination for promoting sexual vitality.

Black Cohosh Extract 2.5% Standardized
Botanical support for menopause.

Cramp Bark Comfort™
Key botanicals for promoting monthly comfort.

Cranberry Bladder Defense™
Cranberry concentrate for a healthy urinary tract

Cranberry Concentrate, Full Spectrum™
Anthocyanins for a healthy bladder & genitourinary tract.

Dong Quai, Full Spectrum™
Premier Chinese botanical for supporting a healthy female cycle.

Clinically derived menopause support formula.

Shatavari, Full Spectrum™, by Planetary Ayurvedics
Used for promoting reproductive vitality and hormonal balance.

Soy 1000, Full Spectrum™
Isoflavone-rich soy concentrate for healthy menopause.

Herbal support for healthy hormonal levels.

Vitex Extract, Full Spectrum™
Primary botanical for supporting healthy hormonal levels in women.

Wild Yam-Black Cohosh Complex™
Herbal glandular support for menopause.

Women’s Dong Quai Tonifier™
Helps maintain a healthy reproductive system for women.

Women’s Dong Quai Treasure™
Herbal support for reproductive health and regularity.

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