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Superfoods And Natural Nutrients

Nutrient dense superfoods such as Açaí, Chlorella, Goji, and Spirulina, were recognized by traditional cultures as primary food sources to maintain health and vitality. A variety of fruit and vegetable tonics from these superfoods were considered to be highly beneficial when used as part of a regular diet. Planetary Herbals continues to uphold this tradition by providing all the benefits of nature with superfoods and natural nutrients.
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Amla Superfruit™
Revered for antioxidant, healthy blood glucose & lipid level support.

Goji Berry, Full Spectrum™

Haiku 100% Organic Chlorella
100% pure organic Chlorella; plant protein to nourish and cleanse

Herbal antioxidants to reduce the impact of free radicals.

Spirulina, 100% Organic
Rich source of vegetarian protein, vitamins and minerals.

True To Nature C™
Natural Vitamin C complex, from herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

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