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Winter And Immunity

The botanical world has much to offer for winter health. Herbs can offer a complete wellness regimen that begins with building immune resistance that lasts throughout the season. Next is to mobilize the immune defenses in times of need, while utilizing key herbs to restore normalcy to the system & build resistance. Each Planetary Herbals product supports these seasonal functions.
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   Health Category - Winter And Immunity: 33 products available
Mushroom Immunity
Agaricus, Full Spectrum
Contains polysaccharides to increase the body's natural immune response.

Chaga, Full Spectrum™
Immune system support from birch tree mushroom and betulinic acid.

Coriolus, Full Spectrum™
Time-honored and research-proven to support healthy immune function.

Maitake Beta-Factor™, Dr. Nanba's
Rich in maitake beta-glucans for bolstering immune defenses - tablets.

Maitake, Full Spectrum™

Maitake-Pro™, Dr. Nanba's
Professional strength dose of maitake beta-glucan-rich maitake extract.

Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract, Full Spectrum™
Highly concentrated extract to strengthen the immune system.

Reishi Mushroom Supreme™
Premier Reishi-Astragalus combination for immune defenses.

Reishi Mushroom, Full Spectrum™
Reishi fruiting body and mycelia to strengthen immune defenses.

Seasonal Support
Immune-enhancing mushrooms for increased NK cell macrophage activity.

Andrographis Respiratory Wellness™
Features andrographis, one of China's most powerful respiratory herbs.

Astragalus Extract, Full Spectrum™
Potent immune system fortification - standardized & high potency

Astragalus Glycerite, Full Spectrum™
Potent immune system fortification - non alcohol extract

Astragalus Jade Screen™
Chinese classic for building immune resistance.

Immune Response
Andrographis, Full Spectrum™
Key botanical for mobilizing immune defenses.

Cat's Claw
Amazonian vine extract for support of healthy macrophage activity.

Complete Cat's Claw Complex™
Dynamic immune tonifier with Cat's Claw, Chinese tonics, and Echinacea

Echinacea Defense Force™
Combined immune tonification and detoxification.

Echinacea Glycerite
Alcohol-Free, delicious immune defense ideal for kids.

Echinacea, Full Spectrum™
Concentrated angustifolia and pallida root extracts boost immune defense

Echinacea-Elderberry Syrup
Unites two potent Western herbs for comprehensive winter immune support.

Echinacea-Goldenseal Liquid Extract
One of the most popular & powerful immune-boosting herbal combinations.

Echinacea-Goldenseal with Olive Leaf
Western and Chinese herbs come together to optimize immune defenses.

Elderberry Extract, Full Spectrum™
Mobilizes immune defenses.

Elderberry Fluid Extract, Full Spectrum™
Mobilizes immune defenses.

Elderberry Syrup
Classic European herbal traditions blended into a delicious syrup.

Ginger Warming Compound™
For internal warmth against the external cold and wind.

Dynamic botanicals combined for healthy inflammation response.

Loquat Respiratory Syrup
Key Chinese compound for respiratory & winter health - tastes delicious!

Oil of Oregano
True Mediterranean Oregano supports immune defenses - capsules.

Olive Leaf Extract, Full Spectrum™
Standardized extract engineered for immune fortification.

Yin Chiao Classic™
Hand-picked herbs ensure purity of a classic Chinese immunity formula.

Yin Chiao-Echinacea Complex™
Powerful immune support combining Eastern and Western herbal traditions.

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